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Welcome and thank you for visiting...

My name is Gilbert Lee and I have want to share with you some information about the Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and liver cancer, a disease which is striking the Asian American community in disproportionate numbers.

Please consider the following:

    - One in TEN Asian Americans are HBV carriers
    - More than HALF of the HBV carriers in the U.S. are Asian American Pacific Islanders.
    - Over ONE MILLION people die from HBV related diseases in the world every year.
    - A vaccine exists for this disease

This disease is particularly sinister because carriers often feel healthy while the disease is progressing. When symptoms do appear the disease is often in its late stages. Early detection, regular screenings and prevention are the keys to fighting this disease.

Take the time this Father's Day to talk with your parents and relatives about this disease. Immigrants from Asia have an especially high rate of infection and it is important that they get screened for the virus. Hepatitis B carriers can live long, full lives with some slight lifestyle changes and they should insist on getting regular screenings and ultrasounds to monitor the disease.

Please feel free to share this website and its attached video with your friends and associates. I appreciate your attention and hope that you will join the fight against Hepatitis B and liver cancer.


The Asian Liver Center @ Stanford University is a great resource and I encourage you to visit their website for more information. I've also included some other Hepatitis B resources.
* San Francisco's Hep B Free Campaign
* GlaxoSmithKline's Hep B resource site
* American Liver Foundation
* Hepatitis B Foundation
* The CDC's page on Hepatitis B
* Non-English vaccine information from the Immunization Action Coalition